Only Natural Pet

Kuranda Beds

We use Kuranda dog beds in several sizes all over the house. Our Mi-Kis love them and they are easy to clean and pretty much indestructible. We recommend ordering the crate bed legs with any cot that you order. The crate bed legs are the shortest and work best for our small Mi-Kis. You can order the crate bed legs instead of the legs that come with your choice of cot size or you can order them as an add on item.

Stella and Chewys

Our Mi-Kis really enjoy the Stella and Chewys freeze dried dinner patties and treats. Duck, Duck Goose is, hands down, the favorite of their varieties.


Ziwipeak is a very good air dried food. We use either the lamb or venison Daily Dog Cuisine. Our Mi-Kis enjoy their treats too.

Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet is an online retailer that offers a wide variety of quality, natural products for pets.


For safe car travel, the only carriers we presently recommend are made by Sleepypod. Their carriers are the only ones that have passed crash testing. We recommend the original Sleepypod, the Sleepypod Air or the Sleepypod Atom. Safety harnesses are not recommended for Mi-Kis. Safety harnesses are meant for larger dogs.

American Mi-Ki Registry Association

We register all of our Mi-Kis with the American Mi-Ki Registry Association (AMRA). Visit the AMRA site for additional Mi-Ki breed information.

Teafco Argo Pet Avion

We just love the Argo Pet Avion carrier by Teafco. It is well designed and well made. The mesh is heavier duty than most and remarkably, your Mi-Ki can see out through the mesh but no one can see your Mi-Ki inside through the mesh. It’s a nice, roomy bag and there are several pockets for essentials. It comes in several colors and is available from many online retailers.


For a purse style carrier, Kwigy-Bo carriers are one of our favorites. We like this brand because their carriers look like purses, you can completely conceal your Mi-Ki when necessary and there are pockets so you can carry your wallet, phone, keys, supplies and other essentials all in the same bag. Kwigy-Bo carriers also completely close when zipped so a Houdini Mi-Ki won’t escape. Some other very attractive purse style carriers have a small slit at the top at one or both ends where a motivated Mi-Ki can and will get out. We think the larger size Kwigy-Bo bags are more comfortable for our Mi-Kis.

Vital Essentials

This is probably our favorite dog food. We use their raw and their freeze dried raw products. The freeze dried beef nibblets are a big favorite with our Mi-Kis.


Flea and tick products are often necessary, but they can be toxic to your puppy. New research is emerging linking some of these products to immediate adverse reactions and/or future health problems. The GreenPaws website has a flea and tick products directory that can be very useful to refer to when deciding which products to use for your Mi-Ki.

A wealth of information about pet food ingredients and safety. They also have a pet food recall alert program.

Dog Food Advisor

Excellent dog food reviews that are frequently updated. They also maintain up to date listings on all dog food recalls and you can sign up to receive email alerts for any new recalls.

Dr. Becker

Informative articles on holistic pet care. You can browse their articles and their forum. If you like, you can sign up to receive Dr. Becker’s email newsletters. We also use and recommend their products, particularly the Complete Probiotic for Pets. We use about a pinch (1/8 teaspoon) added to a cup of food.

Green Hope Farm Flower Essences

We love flower essences from Green Hope Farm for our Mi-Kis. They have an animal line and many of their flower essences for people are also very effective with Mi-Kis. We recommend using their Anxiety and New Beginnings drops when your puppy arrives home to ease the transition. We also find their Digestive Woes product very effective.

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