What’s a Mi-Ki?

Our long coat Mi-Kis Winnie and Delysia


Mi-Kis are a truly remarkable, relatively new, hypoallergenic, low to non shedding, rare breed, toy dog. Introduced in the United States in the 1980’s and sharing ancestry with several Asian breeds, the Mi-Ki is the ultimate companion dog.

Happy, loving, playful, sweet, gentle and engaging, Mi-Kis are at home with people of all ages and pets of all types. They adore children and the elderly and they are even fond of cats. Mi-Kis even exhibit cat like qualities themselves! They groom themselves and they are quite agile, often amusing their owners with their amazing balancing acts.


Mi-Kis are highly intelligent, easily adaptable and eager to please. These attributes make them easy to train, wonderful travelers and well suited to all lifestyles. Due to their intelligence and affectionate and easy going nature, Mi-Kis make excellent therapy and service dogs too. Mi-Kis are bright eyed and lively and enthusiastically enjoy playtime. Even so, they require little exercise and live quite happily in any size home from an apartment to an estate. Above all, Mi-Kis want to be with you!

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