“To say that we are happy with our new Mi Ki puppy, Cooper, is an understatement.”

Cooper2Cooper is the most adorable dog we have ever seen. He is so smart, sweet, affectionate, cuddly, funny, charming...on and on. When people visit us, they ultimately end up on the ground playing with Cooper while he wiggles, snuggles and gives kisses. Our family and friends are as taken with him as we are. They all say he looks like an Ewok from Star Wars. :)

”Cooper arrived well-socialized, calm, sweet and affectionate and we think it’s because of the loving, gentle care he received at your home.”

He accepted us and his new home quickly and is such an important part of our lives. We love it that he is so smart and is quickly learning to respond to commands to sit, stay, fetch, go potty...we can't say enough about his wonderful personality. We are just in love with him. :))

We feel very grateful to have found such a wonderful, loving breeder. We appreciate your commitment to breed only the best Mi Ki dogs and for all of your support and continued willingness to answer any questions we may have.

Thank you for such a wonderful little puppy!!!”

Janet and Robert, Parents of Cooper

California, USA

“I’m not sure who I fell in love with first, Barbara or the Mi-Ki breed!”

Skye“Either way, I have never had such an amazing new puppy experience. From the first phone call made to Barbara to the adoption of my now second Belle Amie Mi-Ki, I couldn’t be happier.

Barbara will send you many photos and videos as your new puppy is growing, You feel like you are involved from Day 1. Once your new puppy is home, Barbara will stay in touch and guide you through for as long as you need her.

Barbara of Belle Amie Mi-Kis is the expert on the Mi Ki breed.

JettShe does thorough research and she really cares about everything relating to Mi-Kis. She is a wealth of knowledge and she makes sure you are well informed on all aspects of the breed.

I now have two Mi-Kis, an adorable, loving, beautiful female and the most gentle, sweet, charming and handsome male! They fill our hearts and our lives each and every day with their amazing dispositions and their unconditional love! Thank you Barbara for all that you do!”

Debbie, Mom of Skye & Jett

New Jersey, USA

George and I would like to thank Barbara of Belle Amie Mi-Kis for all the time, effort and love she put into finding us the right puppy.

Jasper (2)"Jasper has been such a delight, words cannot express our love for him. He is beautiful, intelligent and full of personality. Without Barbara's thoughtful over site, an undertaking like this might have been disappointing. Barbara is completely dedicated to the art of raising Mi-Ki puppies.

I would strongly recommend puppies from Belle Amie Mi-Kis. You will never regret your decision. Most Sincerely,

Susan and George, Parents of Jasper

Alabama, USA

I looked at many other sites before finding the perfect place to get the perfect Mi-Ki! Of course, that was Belle-Amie!

Sweet-AnnieHello Barbara, I was playing with my precious puppies today and remembering how fortunate I was to have found your Belle Amie website. I looked at many other sites before finding the perfect place to get the perfect Mi-Ki! Of course, that was Belle-Amie! I can truly say that anyone wanting the perfect Mi-Ki should contact you. You have the sweetest, most loving puppies in the world!

Once I held my first puppy from Belle Amie in my arms, I was surely hooked. I knew I'd have to get another. There are no words to say how much love they have brought into our home. Now we have two, one for me and one for hubby. Wishing for many more…

The other advantage of Belle Amie is that Barbara is always there to advise you on any issue you might have, like the best food to feed the precious pups. Another plus, the puppies are also trained to use the wee pads. I could go on forever. Belle-Amie is great! What more could I say?Cece

Jacquie, (aka) a Mi-Ki lover, Mom of Annie & CeCe

Georgia, USA

“ If you’re very, very lucky, you will find your very own Belle Amie Mi-Ki, and then you’ll understand why I gush about my puppy and her breeder.”

FannieMay“To paraphrase George Orwell’s Animal Farm very roughly, all mi-kis are special, but some are more special than others. Many owners are likely to disagree, but I’m convinced that the most special of all belongs to me. This is the story of my angel Fannie May; her unlikely owner; and her exceptional breeder, Barbara of Belle Amie Mi-Kis.

I first became aware of Barbara when I began following the Mi-Ki pages on Facebook over two years ago.

I observed quickly that Barbara wasn’t just knowledgeable, but was generous in sharing her expertise with other breeders and owners; that she practiced the highest standards in careful breeding, testing, socialization, and health checks; and that her puppies were consistently, heart-lustingly, adorable. I just knew I had to have one of my own!

Despite knowing deep down that I would succumb to temptation eventually, I resisted for a long time. I am older than most puppy moms, live with some health issues, already have several dogs, and have not dealt with a puppy for a loooong time.

Of course, common sense did not prevail. Last November, Barbara posted some photos of very young puppies, too young to be cute, no wide-eyed expressions or fluffy coats yet. But something about one of them spoke to me. I dithered over what to do for a couple of weeks—until Barbara updated the photos of them at four weeks old. I knew that Barbara’s puppies were typically snapped up quickly, so I called to talk with her for the first of many times. She told me that the little female I had my eye on was very special, and she has certainly turned out to be right! I held my breath and made the commitment, telling myself that the puppy would be my 71st birthday present to myself. I’ve never had a second’s regret!FannieMay-22A

In the weeks that I waited for my puppy, now named Fannie May after my favorite brand of candy, to come home, Barbara exceeded my expectations for what a good breeder should do. She sent frequent pictures and videos that showed Fannie May’s development into a huge-eyed ball of fluff, kept me posted on her weekly growth, and helped me get to know her and her mannerisms.

Fannie May finally arrived, accompanied by reams of helpful information, which included detailed suggestions on care and products. Even supply sources were included. Barbara also sent several thoughtful gifts; some necessities, some luxuries. Fannie May still enjoys some of these every day.

Best of all was Barbara’s assurance that I could contact her at any time if I had questions or concerns. If I’ve made her sorry that she was so accommodating, she has never indicated that I’ve bothered her or that I should have known the answers myself. I count on her as my expert and my friend.

From the beginning, Fannie May has been a delight! Thanks to Barbara, she arrived potty pad trained at eleven weeks old. Seriously! She has slept in my bed with me and the other dogs since her third night here and has never had an accident. She is affectionate and calm, never having gone through a wild stage, and she’s never been destructive; no chewing of things she shouldn’t, no puppy biting, no change in our routines required.

I’ve had many dogs in my lifetime, and she’s the easiest puppy I’ve ever had.

She’s playful and funny; even her mischievous antics entertain me. You only need to see her to know how endearing she is—with the biggest eyes ever in a dog and a look of such innocence that she would remind you of a baby owl or a baby seal. She’s a lover and a cuddler with a quirky personality all her own. To me, she’s perfect in every way! And Barbara continues to be there to consult, give advice, and, most often, just laugh with me over Fannie May’s latest trick. If you’re very, very lucky, you will find your very own Belle Ami Mi-Ki, and then you’ll understand why I gush about my puppy and her breeder.

Nancy, Mom of Fannie May

Illinois, USA

“Cooper is the best puppy I have ever met and the best decision I have ever made.”

CooperHe is beautiful, smart and has such an amazing demeanor. Within one month, he learned how to jump in his bag to travel with me throughout the day. He always goes on the wee wee pad or outside and he loves kids. He rarely ever barks unless he is playing. And he is truly a born New York City puppy. I think Barbara, you definitely got him used to the noises and kids so well that he is rarely scared and already confident in his new surroundings.

I really can’t praise you more on breeding and raising such a fabulous puppy. He has changed my life!

Thank you!”

Nicole, Mom of Cooper

New York, USA

“Our little Ned is just the light of my life! He is so wonderful and everything you said about him is so true.”

Ned“He is quick to learn and so affectionate. He sleeps in his crate at night which is right next to our bed and very rarely does he need to get up before we do. He spent last weekend with the trainer we have been working with for years. She thought he was a real gem and couldn’t say enough positive things about him. He is becoming very comfortable with the leash and is very willing to please. Years ago I had a Great Dane who just stole my heart and I never thought I’d find another dog that blew me away like that Dane until I met Ned.

Ned is fantastic Barbara and I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for this breed or for a small dog.

He is a hit wherever we go. I have spent quite a bit of time socializing him so when he finishes all his shots we’ll be able to take him even more places. I just wanted to give you an update on him and let you know how happy he makes us. Take care and happy breeding of this wonderful breed!!!!”

Louise, Mom of Ned

Oregon, USA

Mi-Kis are highly addictive!

BearSmokey“This is a love story with a warning to potential buyers! Mi-Kis are highly addictive! They are endlessly entertaining, incredibly loving, smart, silly, gorgeous tiny balls of fluff. They will capture your heart and never let go. I currently own two long haired, male Mi-Kis from separate Belle Amie litters. If I had a third arm, I would own a third Mi-Ki. They easily adapt to your lifestyle. Whether you are really active or a homebody, they will be happy to do whatever you do. They aim to please you. Our boys love our outside cats and our cats love them.

You cannot ask for a more knowledgeable and caring breeder.

Barbara is tireless when it comes to helping out owners with questions before and after the sale. We are so lucky to have found her on the internet. We made the journey from Northern CA to Washington State to pick up our first baby and we met Barbara at her home. We saw how the dogs are living in a clean, home setting. Our second boy was delivered to us at the airport. Our furry little bundle was hand delivered to us right at the airport curb. It couldn’t have gone smoother. Our neighbor fell in love with our babies and she also bought two puppies from Barbara. All four dogs are happy, healthy and beautiful. Our oldest will be three years old in December 2014. You can feel free to ask me questions about my experience tlebennett@gmail.com.

Tammy, Mom of Smokey & Bear

California, USA

“Charlotte is an unusually good puppy and we have raised a number of them from Papillion, Doberman, Chin and Cavalier and Poodle.”

Charlotte“Just a quick note to let you know that Charlotte is doing just great! She and our Cavalier, Corinne, have become good friends. She knows exactly what outside means and is learning to ring the bell to go out. Charlotte loves everybody! She has learned to sit and knows what it means when we say we have to leave. She is really smart. She knows her name and comes when called (thanks to you). She does not wake at night and her bed is always dry. Charlotte is an unusually good puppy and we have raised a number of them from Papillion, Doberman, Chin and Cavalier and Poodle. She is so cute and we are enjoying her so much! We have noticed that her ears are growing and she now wings them. It is so funny because you know exactly what she is planning to do next.

We so enjoyed visiting your home and meeting you and being able to see Sandy and Henry.

I so appreciated the emails, phone calls and videos. It is hard to pick a puppy from a distance. It was really blind faith and it payed off. If I haven't said it enough, thank you for everything!

Marilyn, Mom of Charlotte

California, USA

“This little dog is the light of my life!“

From the moment he was put in my arms at the airport, he became my puppy. Jeter is the perfect combination of calm and playful. His favorite game is fetch and he would play it all day if we let him. He comes to work every day with me and everyone loves him. My office looks like a daycare center with all the toys and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jeter truly is my perfect little puppy. He is a perfect spirit and I am thankful every day that he is in our lives.

I have loved all the pets we have had - and I don’t know how to describe it - but this time it is different.

Thank you Barbara for this wonderful little puppy!”

Kelly, Mom of Jeter Alberta, Canada

“Corky is the best!”


“Everybody loves him. When I brought Corky home he was already pee pad trained, he knew his name, played fetch and came when he was called. He adjusted quickly and became part of the family from the first night he was in his new home.

Corky and I had an instant bond from the moment Barb put him in my arms.

Corky is extremely smart, very social, and he loves everybody. He’s excellent with kids, he’s very playful, sweet and loving. He has learned sit, shake, down and hide (he’s learned to hunker down in his bag so I can sneak him into places). He’s so smart. He’s the absolute apple of my eye. He’s just an all around wonderful dog. He’s the absolute best present I ever got for Christmas. He’s perfect. Are you sure you want me to end his lineage? I swear, there’s no better dog on earth. He’s the best!

Thanks Barb, for doing such a wonderful job raising my puppy. You do an excellent job!”

Update: Nancy adds Kirby to her family!

Kirby“Six months after I got Corky, I decided to get his little brother, Kirby. It was the best decision I could have ever made. Two Mi-Kis are better than one. Not only are they playmates, but they are brothers from another mother, and best friends. They get along fabulously. I can't go a block without being stopped by someone. We live in the city, so we pass many people on our walks, and everybody wants to stop us, ask questions about their breed, pet them, and tell me which one is their favorite. Of course, I don't have a favorite! People always remark about how calm and well behaved they are. They are the cutest little pair you ever saw. I love my Mi-Kis. They are my little buddies, and I'm so glad I got my boys from Belle Amie Mi-Kis. Barb does a great job. They are the best dogs and they bring me so much happiness.”

Nancy, Mom of Corky & Kirby

Washington, USA

“You have no idea how much happiness Louie has brought to our lives! He has been the best addition to our family.”

LouieFamily"THANK YOU Barbara! You have no idea how much happiness Louie has brought to our lives! We just love him to pieces!!!!!!!!!! He has been the best addition to our family. I hope my friend Cindy finds her Belle Amie Mi-Ki soon!”

Moira, Mom of Louie

California, USA

“Tom and I want to thank you for our second best gift this year and more.”


“First, of course, is Tom’s great and speedy recovery after open heart surgery. Second is our adorable Christal. She is sweet, smart and very loving. Because of the stress during Tom’s illness, I was afraid I might have to give her to Tammy, who really wanted her. However, I tried to look forward and hoped that once things calmed down I could fully give my heart. Boy, did I ever!!!

She has added so much to our life, it’s unbelievable. I look at her and am amazed at how adorable she is. Her coloring is a little lighter, but still brown and white. People always comment on how cute she is and want to take her picture.

You did a wonderful job of raising her. She has a sweet disposition and loves us as much as we love her.

She knew her name right away. She sleeps between us and cuddles all night long.

We will be bringing her with us to a neighbor’s open house this afternoon. We hope you will be having a wonderfully Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.


Update: Tom & Ann add Charlie to their family!


Tom and I loved and enjoyed Christal so much that we thought she should have a playmate. We never in our wildest dreams thought anyone could be as wonderful as she is. Then came Charlie. Charlie is our lover boy. He hasn't met anyone he doesn't want to love. They are equally adorable and we feel so lucky to have them adding so much to our life.

Thank you Barbara, you're the best!

Tom and Anne, Parents of Christal and Charlie

California, USA

“Freddy is the sweetest little puppy I have ever met. He is sooo smart and so loving.”


“He does whatever you want him to, just goes with the flow. What an easy going little fellow. He is a big eater and drinks a lot of water. He goes on the wee wee pad and is just delightful.

Whatever you do over there with them before they leave is making confident, well adjusted puppies. We are so in love with him. Thank you!

Kristin, Mom of Freddy

New Jersey, USA

“Bella is a show stopper.”


“I went into Dave’s pet food a couple of days ago and Dave, the owner and a celebrity in this area, came in while Bella was trying on a new coat. The first thing he said to me was how beautiful she is and ‘Can I take a picture?’. He then asked me about her breed and let me know her picture would be on Dave’s Pet Food City on facebook in a couple of days! LOL

We also had a show to vendor at last weekend and everyone wanted to know if Bella would be there! They couldn’t get over how beautiful and small and perfect she is. They saw her when she was 7 months old and didn’t think she would stay small.

Bella is a show stopper. The only problem is potential customers are so busy with her they forget to look at the merchandise for sale. LOL

Thank you for my little angel. Merry Christmas.”

Cheryl, Mom of Bella

Massachusetts, USA

“I can’t thank you enough for the priceless gift of Lovey. She is so sweet, self confident, cute, amusing and fun! She certainly loves life!”


"She loves to eat, drink water, play and sleep! She has been great about using the pad to piddle.

She is so smart! It seems like she has been with us forever! She has sooo fit in.

Just wanted you to know that I am absolutely in love with her and so is Frank!”

Dolores, Mom of Lovey

Connecticut, USA

“Cooper is full of life and is the perfect combination of affectionate and social, yet independent and confident.”


“Just thought I would send you a picture of Cooper. He had his first grooming appointment and did well. His color always amazes me as he has more black and some copper tones like his mom. He has mastered sit and down in puppy class and is socializing well with other dogs, and, of course, as always, with people in general. His newest place to sleep is in the laundry basket in the laundry room!

He is full of life and is the perfect combination of affectionate and social, yet independent and confident.

Just wanted to let you know how much we love our ‘Mini Cooper’.

Update: Cooper Wins Best in Class!

We just finished first level puppy classes and Cooper won Best in Class for the fastest, no food motivated, down! The other class members grumbled that he was closer to the floor than the other dogs. :) Actually, the trainer said it is much harder to get a small dog to do a complete down, as they often just lower the front of their body and leave their bums up in the air. Yeah Cooper!

Mom of Cooper

British Columbia, Canada

“We all just adore Rocky and are so happy he is part of our family.”


“Just wanted to give you an update on how little Rocky is doing! He really seems to be settling in nicely and is a really happy little guy. He sleeps through the night in his crib in Cecily’s room so everyone is happy about that :). He had his first vet visit last week and he was a star. No one at the clinic had seen a Mi-Ki before and they all thought he was adorable. I’ve taken him in his car seat and carrier around town to run errands and he is doing better and better every time. He even went to lunch with me yesterday! We all just adore him and are so happy he is part of our family. I hope all is well with you and all your little ones!

Julie, Mom of Rocky

California, USA

“Yes, FIVE! We have five beautiful, loving Belle Amie Mi-Kis!”


“I guess I should start at the beginning. I first discovered the Mi-Ki breed on the internet and I thought it would be the perfect dog for my family. I was impressed with Belle Amie’s website and so I called Barbara.

Barbara was very friendly and patient answering my many questions and I was really impressed with her knowledge and how much she adores her Mi-Kis.

Since I was new to the breed, I talked with several other breeders too. Ultimately, I chose to get our first Mi-Ki from Belle Amie and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Well, actually, we brought home two puppies that first go round!

Wow! They are everything I hoped they would be and more! They are smart, playful, adorable, happy, affectionate and easy to train. The kids went wild for them! Our whole family is in love!Liberty

Fast forward several years. We just added our 5th Belle Amie Mi-Ki puppy to our family! What a joy our Mi-Kis are! We have long and smooth coats and girls and boys. Every one of our Mi-Kis has the special Mi-Ki charm and personality Mi-Kis are known for. And, of course, each one has it’s own unique and wonderful qualities too.

I just love coming home to our Mi-Kis and I cannot imagine our lives without them. And they are always so happy to see us with their big smiles and their tails wagging a mile a minute! If you are considering a Belle Amie puppy, go for it!!! You’ll bring so much joy into your life!

Our Mi-Kis bring so much happiness to our family! There aren’t enough ways to describe how great our experience has been. I just can’t recommend Belle Amie highly enough! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Melina, Mom of Neo, Layla, Milo, Emmy & Mojo

New Jersey, USA

“Major is just awesome. His personality is what you said, plus.”

MajorMy gosh, I could not have made a better choice. Major is just awesome. His personality is what you said, plus. I have to laugh at night, as around 7 pm he gives me a look of ‘mom, bedtime’. Last night he finally gave up and went to his ‘bed pen’ by himself and went to bed. He goes freely into his playpen and night pen, but at night I close the door to it. Today we had rain so he wanted to go out and play in the grass...was not cold, so out we went. Oh my gosh, I have never laughed so hard. He just loved it. Again, my thanks.

Sandy, Mom of Major QT

Oklahoma, USA

“My entire family would like to thank you for giving us the greatest gift ever!!!”

Kobe“When you told me how sweet Kobe was, we could not ever have imagined that he would steal all of our hearts the way that he has!!! This pup has changed our lives! We do not know what we would do without him!

Quite honestly, if it weren’t for you being the incredibly patient, kind, informative breeder that you are, we may never have adopted a puppy at all!

You were exceptionally patient with me and all of my many phone calls! Everything you said was true and we could not be happier!

Kobe came to us wee wee pad trained and was easy to train to go outside as well. He loves being outside and taking long walks every day, always hoping that he will run into another dog of any size or breed!!! He just loves other dogs!

Kobe (2)

Mi-Kis are such lovable pets. They are so easy and people are constantly stopping us to find out what kind of dog he is! They truly just want to make you happy and want to be with you. This puppy has brought so much joy to our family. If we did not experience it for ourselves, we would never have believed it!

Thank you again for changing our world! We are all in love!”

The Picarazzis, Family of Kobe

Connecticut, USA

“Maggie is the best thing that ever happened to our family! She’s so good and sweet. She’s the best! I can’t imagine our lives without her.”


"We met a Mi-Ki for the first time at an outdoor restaurant in NYC. It was Cooper, a Belle Amie Mi-Ki. What a special little guy! He’s adorable, sweet and so well mannered. We called Barbara that very day to find out more about her puppies. Just a few months later, we welcomed Maggie into our family!

Barbara is amazing and she’s available 24/7. She was right on about which puppy would be the best fit for our family

She is always available to answer every question I have and she always takes so much time with all of my calls. Every time I talk to Barbara, I learn something new.

Barbara provides you with a thorough puppy supply list with everything you will need. When the puppy comes home, everything is all ready.

Belle Amie has the best puppies! They are loving and friendly. They just want to be loved.

Barbara is wonderful just like the M-Kis. I just can’t sing her praises enough!"

Cathy, Mom of Maggie
Colorado, USA

“My three Mi-Kis are from Belle Amie – Polek, Poesy and Piff.”


“My experience adopting my beautiful Mi-Ki’s from Belle Amie was wonderful. I had many questions since I am a new Mi-Ki owner.

Barbara is very knowledgeable about the breed and was very helpful with all of my questions.

All three of my Belle Amie Mi-Kis have wonderful dispositions, are very loving, intelligent and sociable little beauties.  Barbara knows every detail about all of her dogs and spends much time with each individual one.  She is a breeder that is very concerned about matching up her puppies to the best fit families.  Barbara is truly a wonderful person!

One very big reason I chose Belle Amie (and there are many), is that Barbara health tests all of her dogs. When Polek, then Poesy and then Piff went to my Vet, he was really impressed with their great health and temperaments!

I deeply regret that English is not my first language.  Barbara, I cannot express how much I am grateful to you!

I wish to thank Belle Amie and Barbara for all help, kindness, and expertise. Mere words are not enough to describe how happy and proud I am. My experience with Belle Amie will always hold a special place in my heart.

Anyone who is lucky enough to get a Mi-Ki puppy from Belle Amie knows it’s a blessing!”

Gabriela, Mom of Polek, Poesy & Piff
Tarnów, Poland

“Baby Bear is very smart, listens well and has a great personality.”


 "Just thought I would send you a couple of pics of baby Bear. He is doing very well. He is very smart, listens well and has a great personality. The one picture is his Halloween costume. Louise thought it was funny because I am a firefighter.

Hope all is well with you and thank you for helping us through his puppy months.

Bob, Dad of Bear
New Jersey, USA

“I am certain you hear many accolades from your various dog owners.”


“She-Who is a pure delight, a charmer, who has integrated perfectly into our family. She is loved and adored. You were right, Bob is putty in her hands.”

Ellen, Mom of She-Who
California, USA

“Louis is just the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen in my life! Oh my gosh! Our whole family is in love with this puppy!”

Louis“I just want you to know how much we are loving this little puppy. I couldn’t agree with you more. Louis is just the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen in my life! Oh my gosh! Our whole family is in love with this puppy! He is so cute! Even my husband, who is not as big of a dog person, is just infatuated with how adorable he is. Thank you so much! He is just a doll! What a little lovey!”

Barbara, Mom of Louis
Wisconsin, USA

“Barb is one of the most knowledgeable breeders I have ever talked to.”


“Barb sold me my KoKo! She is a healthy, playful, feisty, Houdini; fast as a formula one, tiny, sweetest face and one of the most cuddly, sweet, love bug puppy’s I have ever had! I also have a Mi-Ki from another breeder. My Belle Amie Mi-Ki is happy, well adjusted and most importantly, very healthy! My other Miki is not as outgoing and she is not as healthy as Barb’s. Barb has put a lot of time and effort into her breeding program. She is one of the most knowledgeable breeders I have ever talked to.

I researched and followed Barb for a year before I purchased a puppy from her. So glad I found her!

It does help that the faces on her puppies are so darn beautiful! Lol

I highly recommend Barbara as a breeder!

Joene, Mom of KoKo

Pennsylvania, USA

Once a Mi-Ki comes into your life, it will live in your heart forever!

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